Wesley Shields

I'm Wesley Shields. Most people call me 'Wes' for short. I'll answer to just about anything but 'Wes' tends to work the best. I usually use my initials where ever possible, hence you will often see me as 'wxs' or 'WXS'.

I spend my time working on various things. My interests lie in operating systems, networks and security. I like to hack on a wide range of things in those areas. Some of my free time goes into the FreeBSD project where I am a ports committer. My day job is spent doing research and development for Facebook. My previous jobs have included The MITRE Corporation, the CIA, Cisco, RIT and Portal Software (now owned by Oracle). I've done systems administration work, penetration tests of various military and civilian networks and systems, and even done a little Linux kernel hacking. If I'm not in front of a computer you can find me rock climbing or with my wife, kids and 2 cats in the RTP area of North Carolina.

If you are looking to get in touch with me the best way is email (wxs@{freebsd,atarininja}.org). I do use twitter if you're looking for more regular updates from me. If you're looking for other things you might find the links on the side helpful.

Updated on 20151127